Whitepaper Edu-Fi Components Part 4— Minting

When a Backpack reaches level 20, the user can breed with another Backpack over level 20 and produce a new Backpack. A minting process does not fail but requires LER, BOOM, and Items to be performed.

Users can mint up to three times per Backpack. The higher the minting count a Backpack has, the more LER, BOOM, and Items are required. Minting costs vary based on the minting count and rarity of each Backpack used for minting.

After a mint, there is a cool-down time before the user can initiate a new minting process with the same Backpack.

Backpack Box

When minted, the user will receive a Backpack Box (BB) which can be opened or kept in the inventory. A Backpack Box does not have the attribute of Holding Tax, which means holding a Backpack Box is cost-neutral compared to Backpack NFTs.

The Backpack Box rarity will be determined by the parent Backpack’s rarity.

When a Backpack Box is opened the final rarity of the Backpack is determined.

Opening a Backpack Box always brings a small chance to mint a Backpack with a higher rarity. On the other hand, there is also a possibility to mint a Backpack with a lower rarity than the Backpack Box’s rarity.

The parent Backpack’s type also determines the type of Backpack.

Badge Sockets appear in random order. Attributes are randomized based on their min. and max. value of their rarity.

Item for Minting

To mint a new Backpack Box, the user not only needs to invest LER and BOOM but also needs specific Items for minting, which are dropped in Item Boxes while learning on Boomco.

Items can be traded on the internal market, and a user also can buy necessary items on the marketplace to mint a new Backpack Box.




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