Whitepaper Edu-Fi Components Part 3— Item Box

2 min readAug 2, 2022

Item Box

As a type of loot box, Item Boxes are randomly dropped while learning and using Boomco. The boxes are dropped 1) after solving a quiz or finishing a test in the Certification Module, OR 2) repairing a Backpack or just repeating chapters on the Learning Module. The drop mechanism implemented an easter egg system. It works on activities in combination with various factors. An Item Box can contain not only items but also badges; they are essential to enhance the quality of each Backpack NFT. Item Boxes have different qualities, which will decide the minimum level of the items within a box.


Each Backpack NFT has four Badge Sockets with a unique attribute type, which can be unlocked when the Backpack reaches a certain level. The order of Badge Sockets on each Backpack is random. Badges can enhance the Backpack’s attributes when connected to an unlocked Badge Socket.

There is a total of four types of badges and each badge represents an attribute.

  • Productivity Badge
  • Fortuna Badge
  • Time Badge
  • Recovery Badge

Badges have five different rarities. The higher rarities can be obtained when synthesized to the next rarity.

To synthesize a Badge, a user needs three Badges with the same attribute and rarity. The cost to synthesize to the next rarity level depends on the current rarity. LER, BOOM, and Items can also affect synthesis. Synthesizing comes with the risk of failing. Used badges will be burned.


Items can be used to boost specific attributes or influence the studying experience. There are also items that can only be used for activities like minting or synthesizing.





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