Whitepaper Edu-Fi Components Part 1 - Education Modes

Ladder Ranking

In Ladder Ranking, users don’t need to buy or rent any NFT to earn rewards. But they need to compete with other users to earn points on the Boomco platform. Points can be obtained in different ways, like participating in daily missions or answering questions in the Quiz Module. The Quiz Module has a separate Energy system, which can be found under the My Page section. Every 1 Energy equals one problem set and fully replenishes in 24 hours. Earned points can be found under the My Page section.

Listening comprehension is also required for higher levels as users progress. To earn points, users need to have enough Energy — solving questions alone may not give points.

Seasons: A season starts every 14 days. Users can check past Ranks on their My Page section. Rewards are paid out directly into the Boomco wallet once a season ends, and after the distribution has been calculated.

Backpack Learning Mode

In Backpack Learning Mode, users equipped with Backpack NFTs can solve questions in the Quiz Module and earn LER or BOOM rewards directly. Rewards are given for every solved Quiz. To earn rewards for a solved Quiz, a user needs to have enough Mana. Quiz solved without any Mana left will have no effect on rewards. Rewards are calculated based on epochs and distributed to each user after the end of an epoch. Reward calculations depend on several factors.

  1. Mana — A user can gain more Mana when owning Backpack NFTs with a higher rarity or having more Backpack NFTs.
  2. Badge — Badges can be attached to Backpacks to increase the effectiveness of specific attributes.
  3. Level — Backpacks can be leveled to gain Backpack points and invest them in enhancing specific attributes.
  4. Attributes — There are, in total, four different attributes for each Backpack which are influencing the earning efficiency. (Productivity, Fortuna, Time and Recovery)
  5. Item — Items are dropped while solving a quiz, repairing a Backpack, or participating in the Certification system. Items have temporary effects on different sections while learning on Boomco.
  6. Health — When the Health status of a Backpack NFT is too low, the earning rate is affected.
  7. Holding Tax — When the Holding Tax level of a Backpack NFT is at zero, it will affect the number of Backpacks counting against Mana.

When there is no more Mana left to earn rewards, the user can decide to repeat lessons on the Learn Module or keep answering questions on the Quiz Module to earn points for the ladder board.

The next release will show our the Backpack NFT from our Edu-Fi components.




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