What is a gaming guild?

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What are Gaming Guilds?

Now, let’s learn a bit about gaming guilds and how they work for P2E gamers.

Gaming guilds are communities that gather to discuss, support, and trade information about one or more video games on social media sites like Facebook and Discord. Traditional gaming communities like the FIFA Online 4, League of Legends community, and Era confessions are undoubtedly well-known to gamers.

The P2E gaming guilds are playing similar roles. It became vital for Gaming Guilds to emerge to connect, develop, and assist the gaming community as the industry grew and burst, followed by a surge in many Blockchain game projects.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular gaming guilds in the gaming industry:

  • Yield Guild Games
  • Merit Circle
  • Avocado DAO
  • UniX Gaming
  • Good Games Guild
  • Astra Guild Ventures
  • Enter DAO
  • GuildFi
  • Meta DAO
  • Metaguild
  • Path DAO
  • Play It Forward DAO
  • Ranker DAO
  • UniX Gaming

How Do Gaming Guilds Work for P2E Gamers?

For crypto gaming guilds, the goal goes beyond expanding the GameFi market. They want to advance the crypto industry as a whole and advance broad adoption. They play 3 critical roles in the crypto sphere:

1. Community Connection

Every Gaming Guild requires this as a precondition and essential component. In addition, it is the Guild’s primary duty and responsibility to the neighborhood. Whether traditional or blockchain-based, certain features and goods in games will be new to users. As a result, the community is where they go to speak and ask relevant questions, which significantly aids in the game project’s long-term growth in its community.

2. Acts as a Bridge

Playing games is very easy in the conventional market, but there are numerous obstacles with blockchain & cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market grows more prosperous and continues to expand over time as more people become aware of it.

3. Connect Players with GameFi Projects

The initial investment is relatively significant in many Gamefi projects since players must possess in-game characters in the form of NFTs before they can begin playing; examples include Axie Infinity, Cyball, Summoner Arena, etc. This is a significant barrier for many players who want to access the game without making initial investments.

As a result, Gaming Guilds will grant scholarships to players in the form of gaming accounts, allowing them to access the game for free and generate income for their efforts.




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