Introducing The Learn-to-Earn Model: Making Money Through Learning

Gone are the days when you needed to buy or mine crypto to get some coins. The growth of Play-to-Earn has paved the way for more earning models in the crypto space, in which Learn-to-Earn is one of the most popular.

So, what is the concept of Learn-to-Earn and how can you join a Learn-to-Earn program? This article will answer all your questions, so scroll down now!

What is the Learn-to-Earn model?

As its name might already suggest, Learn-to-Earn is a concept of making money through acquiring new knowledge, most often industry-specific.

In the crypto field, Learn-to-Earn refers to a model in which users study cryptocurrency and blockchain, then earn tokens by completing quizzes or tests.

As a user, what you earn is obvious: knowledge and rewards. Meanwhile, the learning platform or/and the crypto projects can draw more traffic, gain a larger market share, and reach a wider audience.

Learn-to-Earn is mainly designed for those who are making their first foray into the world of cryptocurrencies. One of the first Learn-to-Earn projects is the Coinbase Earn Program, which enables users to learn crypto knowledge and get free cryptos.

As the idea of Learn-to-Earn became more popular, what you could learn to make money extends beyond blockchain-related concepts. Now you can earn tokens by learning languages too.

Boomco is an education platform built on such an earning model. When joining Boomco, users can earn LER (Learn-to-Earn) tokens by learning languages chapter by chapter, ranking on a ladder board, or participating in quizzes. You can also pay tokens for leveling up or taking exams.

By combining Edu-fi and Edutainment, Boomco hopes to provide equal educational opportunities for everyone and establish a global learn-to-earn platform.

How to participate in Learn-to-Earn with Boomco?

Here’s how to earn rewards while learning a new language with Boomco.

Step 1

Download the Boomco App on your mobile.

Step 2

You can start learning languages right at this step. There is no need to buy or rent any NFT to earn rewards. While learning, you are able to earn Boom Points (BP), which will help you rank on the ladder board and earn LER tokens when the learning season ends. (Available in Alpha version)

If you want to learn and earn more rewards, you can buy a Bag NFT from the marketplace. Once you have a Bag, you are able to earn LER tokens directly after answering questions at the end of a learning session. (Available in Beta version)

Bags are also available for rent too. When you use a rented Bag to earn tokens, the rewards will be divided between you and the Bag owner. (Available later)

Key Takeaways

Learn-to-Earn is a common earning model in the crypto space. In Learn-to-Earn projects, you get to acquire new knowledge and cryptos at the same time, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

If you are already familiar with crypto-related concepts and want to learn something different and practical, Boomco is probably worth your consideration.

Let’s join Boomco to learn a new language and earn rewards by learning today!


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