Boomco Latest Update: Add More Fun To Learning

2 min readDec 14, 2022

We’re excited to announce the new version of Boomco with lots of new features that add endless fun to your journey of learning a new language.

What’s included?

Let’s check out the new features rolled out by Boomco in this new version.

UI improvements

Instead of the traditional grid layout, each chapter is now designed as a magical land full of treasures, which takes users on an exciting journey while learning through bite-sized lessons as usual.

With such novel Edutainment elements, Boomco strives to offer a fun and effective learning experience for all users.

More quizzes added

Boomco is rolling out more diverse quizzes in the Challenge section. Users can complete challenges to earn points and level up to finish the chapter.

There are also more lively quiz characters that will accompany and encourage you while learning.

Profile updated

With the new profile section, users are able to switch their current in-app language and the language they want to learn more effortlessly. Also, you can learn with Boomco using your favorite nickname.

Try out the all-new features in Boomco now!

That’s all for this new version. We hope that you find these features useful for your learning journey.

Let’s download and learn with Boomco now.







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