Boomco Ladder Board Season 30

2 min readJul 12


Our Ladder Board ranking mode is now already in the 30th season. Don’t miss the starting day to increase your chance of a better ranking. We would like to share a few tips for everybody who just arrived at Boomco.


· The season starts: on the 12th of June 2023

· The season ends: on the 26th of July 2023

Basic Rules

· Each Season takes 14 days.

· Anybody can start and participate at any time.

· You can earn Points while solving questions in the Quiz module

· You can solve unlimited numbers of questions but can earn only Points when you have enough Energy.

· Your Energy will recharge automatically every 24 hours.

· You may charge your Energy under the My Profile section with the +Charge button (Android only)

· You will find your ranking under your My Profile section

· Rewards are distributed in $LER into your Boomco wallet after each season has been calculated.

Best Strategies

You will find different levels of Questions in the Quiz module, the higher the level the more complex the questions. It is recommended to finish the learning section Chapter by Chapter to get a feeling about the language and be able to solve the Questions in the Quiz module.

Right and wrong answers will have a different output on points.

Keep checking your rankings to see how many points you have gathered and where you currently rank. It is always recommended to start at the beginning of each Season to keep your chances high for a better ranking.


The seasonal system, Energy level system, and Quiz module are still in development and can be changed without notice.





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