Boomco App Invite Competition Season 2

2 min readMay 10, 2022


Our community has adapted the invite competition very well and we are starting a new season for our early users. Invite as many friends as possible to join the Alpha version of our Boomco App and mine $LER tokens together for a better start into the next educational evolution L2E (Learn to Earn).

The Invite Competition for our Boomco App with massive rewards is starting already, so grab your invite code and onboard your friends, family and collegues.

Competition Information

  • Invite Counting Start : 12:00 AM UTC 10th of May 2022
  • Invite Counting End : 12:00 AM UTC 23th of May 2022


  • First Place : 1,000 KLAY + 750 $LER + 5 NFT Bag Boxes
  • Second Place : 500 KLAY + 350 $LER + 3 NFT Bag Boxes
  • Third Place : 300 KLAY + 250 $LER + 2 NFT Bag Boxes
  • 4–10th Place : 200 KLAY + 250 $LER + 1 NFT Bag Box
  • 11–15th Place : 100 KLAY + 250 $LER + 1 NFT Bag Box
  • 16–20th Place : 50 KLAY +250 $LER + 1 NFT Bag Box
  • 21–30th Place : 100 $LER + 1 NFT Bag Box
  • 31–50th Place : 100 $LER
  • 51–100th Place : 50 $LER

All NFT Bag Boxes are Common Boxes. Winners with KLAY rewards will be asked for their KLAYTN address to send them their KLAY directly. $LER tokens are distributed directly to your App account. NFT Bag Boxes will be distributed to your App account after the Beta Launch and starting of our NFT economy. (Estimated late Q2 2022)

How To and Rules

  • Download the App on Playstore (Android only at the moment)
  • Find your referral code clicking on the Bonus Button on your Mining Screen and share your link to your friends.
  • Invites are only counted when your friends are also actively mining.
  • Invites are counted in real time and updated every 24 hours.
  • Only new and active invites during the competition are counted.
  • You can check the top 100 ranking based on the Referral code in our App.(coming with the next App update)
  • Abusive behavior will result in loosing your rights to participate on this event. (Spamming, etc)
  • Changing the account on the same device will be counted as abusing.





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