Boomco 6000 TRX Airdrop Giveaway

Boomco is giving away 6000 TRX (~$330 USD) to the top 10 winners with the highest number of referrals!

The BOOMCO team is excited to announce our airdrop event!

If you’re looking for a chance to win some money, this is it.

Airdrop Link:

  1. Download the Boomco App (android, ios)

There are ten prizes up for grabs, with the number of entries increasing with each prize level:

1st place: 1500 TRX ($83 USD)

2nd place: 1200 TRX ($66 USD)

3rd place: 1000 TRX ($55 USD)

4th place: 800 TRX ($55 USD)

5th place: 500 TRX ($35 USD)

6th place: 300 TRX ($29 USD)

7th place: 250 TRX ($25 USD)

8th place 200 TRX

9th place 150 TRX

10th place 100 TRX

If you want another chance at winning, invite friends to join us on Telegram! The more people who enter will increase your chances of winning — and if we get enough participants we’ll do another airdrop event next month!




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