777 Event: Celebrating the Partnership of Boomco and BlueBaikal with Airdrops and Rewards

2 min readFeb 21, 2023

#Event Period: airdrops and rewards will start on the 22nd of February, this Wednesday, and will run for seven seasons

Boomco, the global educational learn-to-earn platform, has partnered with BlueBaikal, the innovative blockchain-based content platform, to bring a new era of gamified learning to users worldwide. The partnership combines the strengths of both platforms to provide an engaging and rewarding experience for all users.

777 Event

To celebrate the partnership, Boomco and BlueBaikal have announced a joint airdrop of 700 million BBC tokens in the Boomco app. The event is called “777” because it will run for seven seasons, with 100 million BBC tokens available each season, which is 700 million tokens in total. Of the 100 million tokens, 50 million will be available for users who solve quizzes in the app. Every time a user solves five quizzes, they will earn 7 BBC tokens along with LER tokens. Additionally, users who win the ladder ranking will receive 500 million BBC tokens each season along with LER tokens.

How to earn tokens in the 777 Event

users can participate by:

  1. Downloading the Boomco app and creating an account.
  2. Solving quizzes in the app to earn BBC tokens.
  3. Every time you solve five quizzes, you will earn 7 BBC tokens along with LER tokens.
  4. Climbing the ladder ranking by earning points from learning activities in the app to earn more BBC tokens along with LER tokens.

By participating in the 777 Event, users can earn a significant amount of BBC tokens, further enhancing their experience on the Boomco platform.

What to expect from the partnership

In addition to the joint airdrop event, Boomco is also planning to add more benefits for Backpack NFT holders. The Backpack NFT is a unique digital asset that represents a user’s learning achievements on the Boomco platform. As part of the partnership, BBC token holders will be airdropped with Backpack NFTs, allowing them to access these exclusive benefits as well.

Together, Boomco and BlueBaikal offer a unique and rewarding experience for users. With the joint airdrop event, users can earn tokens by solving quizzes and competing on the ladder ranking, further incentivizing engagement with the platforms. The partnership is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology to transform the edutainment industry and bring equal educational opportunities to users worldwide.

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